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How to Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm
6 Reasons Your Pet Business Should Be On Instagram
Instagram is an incredible tool for growing your audience and generating leads for your pet business by building a community of diehard pet parents.
Here are 6 reasons your pet business should be on Instagram right now.

About Author: 
Skarlet Shuplat

Skarlet is the founder of FUR Social, an Instagram Marketing Agency for Pet Professionals. She helps brands and bloggers reach more pet parents on Instagram by providing tips, services, and training.


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How to Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm
How to Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm
(Straight from the Horse's Mouth)
Instagram recently updated the algorithm used to govern the Instagram Reels feature, and it's designed entirely to prioritize original content. Want to know what Instagram has to say about it? Read on to find out more.
Welcome to the FUR Social Blog
Welcome to the FUR Social Blog
Skarlet Shuplat is an Instagram Strategist for Pet Professionals. Now she's here to talk about how you can use Instagram to build your authority, grow your list, and monetize your influence.